Prawn Linguine

When the busy day means you don’t have lots of time to prepare and cook a meal you need to reach out for something simple and easy to make and this dish cooks in less than 10 minutes. Honest! Serves 2 Cooking time 10 minutes Ingredients ½ onion, chopped ½ red pepper, chopped into [...]

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Minced Beef Pie (the original meat pie)

One of the most called-for dishes that has ever come out of the Mountier Kitchen.  First cooked many years ago by Mr Mountier’s father, Brian and only a few minor adaptions have been applied. We always look forward to this coming out of the oven and while we try to [...]

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Chicken wrapped in Parma Ham

Juicy and tasty. Just a couple of words to describe chicken wrapped in parma ham!  A true taste of of a place far away (or perhaps just a bus ride away if you live in London!) Perfect for a mid-week dinner or something to share with friends at a weekend.  Minimal washing up and maximum [...]

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Melanzane Parmigiana

Classic Italian cuisine at its finest! This dish is a vegetarian alternative to the classic lasagne and uses aubergines instead of pasta. You can add in pretty much anything you want to this dish, chicken, bacon or maybe even pork if you wanted a meat-fix! This has become one of our favourite dishes and often [...]

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Spaghetti Bolognese

A truly classic dish that brought back a lot of fantastic childhood memories for Mr M when we made it.  Adapted from trying out different recipes and finally, we think, we’ve cracked it. It was on a Saturday morning when we do our usual shopping list for the week which is based around what we [...]

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