One of the most called-for dishes that has ever come out of the Mountier Kitchen.  First cooked many years ago by Mr Mountier’s father, Brian and only a few minor adaptions have been applied.

We always look forward to this coming out of the oven and while we try to be sensible and only have small portions to have left-overs it rarely happens. The whole lot goes in one sitting.

We think the need for this dish comes from Mr Mountier’s East End roots and many a Saturday afternoon was filled with the aroma of the local pie and mash shop with ladles of liquor (although Mrs Mountier does NOT like the liquor option, not one bit).
This foody classic has often taken on different forms around London but you always like the first one you try. The smell, the taste, even down to the funny little cutlery you used to have and not to mention pouring on vinegar and salt on your mashed potato. We know this sounds weird but honestly, it works!